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Sexy Beast Georgia Le Carre 44930K 8 month ago

He does not step aside to let , so meaty He is like a predatory animal

I clenchtensely ‘Will you please move?’

‘You want to pass? Squeeze past,’ he suggests mildly, his face devoid of any expression

‘How dare you? I’ll call my brother,’ I threaten Attack is always the best form of defense

So flashes in his eyes I know then that I’ve made a mistake I should have been more hue hand into his trouser pocket and produces a phone

‘That’s a good idea’ His voice is silky arning ‘Call hinant wife I believe yournearby, too They can all rush up here to my bedroom and save their precious little princess’

‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ I ask contemptuously

His eyebrows rise ‘What the hell is wrong with me? You’re a thief, Layla Eden’

My cheeks fla up so easily ‘I’m not,’ I cry hotly

‘Then you have nothing to fear Call your brother,’ he invites

I bite o downstairs and on’t spoil anybody else’s night, OK?’


My mouth drops open at my effortless victory I close it shut ‘Thank you,’ I say softly and add a sratitude

‘After you admit that you stole and … I’ve punished you’

A bark of incredulity explodes out of my mouth ‘What?’

‘It’s only fair You make a mistake, you pay for it’

My eyes narrow suspiciously I knew it I’ve always known it He is no friend of our fa for—that he is just lo He has always been low and he will always be low Enough even to blackmail me! Perhaps he wants me to reveal some of Jake’s business secrets ‘What kind of punish about?’

‘You should have what you’ve never had … a spanking’ His tone is terrifyingly pleasant

I stare at him in disbelief The idea is too ridiculous to conteh

He doesn’t ‘I fail to see the comedy’

The laugh dies in my throat ‘You can’t seriously mean to spank me?’ I ask incredulously I feel a chill invade my body

He raises a challenging eyebrow

‘You seriously mean to spank me’ I repeat stupidly

‘The problem with you, Layla Eden, is that you were spoiled when you were young Your Da and Jake were much too much in love with you to exercise any kind of discipline over you As a consequence, you’ve grown up an unruly weed,’ he explains patiently

‘How dare you—?’ I begin

But he interruptsThe choice is si or we call your brother—or, if you prefer, your mother’

Jake? My mother? My pseudo fury drains out of ineat ivenand poor,if I wanted it

My actions are inexcusable I have thoroughly disgraced and dishonored ton’s bedroo from it like a common thief Worse of all, I have no idea why I did it I’ve never done anything like this before It is the stupidest,I have ever done

My gaze slides to his hands They

are as large as spades! My eyes jerk up to his tanned face ‘Why do you want to do this?’

He shrugs, nonchalantly, his face giving nothing away

‘There’s nothing in it for you,’ I insist desperately

He smiles, an action devoid of any amusement ‘How do you knohat’s in it for me?’

My stos It would be undignified, but I could try diving through it I think I could make it, but it is almost certain that he will catch me, and that would be worse

‘Look,’ I try to reason ‘I’ of o now I promise I won’t tell a soul about any of this’ I wave my hand at the room ‘It’ll be our secret’

‘That’s a very kind offer, but I’ this roo or,’ he holds out his mobile phone in the middle of a baseball-mitt sized palm, ‘or in your brother’s company’

I stare at the plain black phone Physical punishuish for both Ma and Jake Not much of a choice I s hard and meet his eyes ‘I’ll,’ I whisper, ‘take the … punishment’

‘Great,’ he says softly, slipping hisa step forward Suddenly the roo step backwards He kicks the door shut with his heel

‘Hoe do this?’ My voice is clear and matter-of-fact I have to assert some sort of control

‘I’ll sit on the bed and you will position yourself on ht times’

Raise ht hand God! I feel heat creep over my body Oh, the sha else sizzling inI’d never dreamed would happen to me How could I be turned on by such a depraved, dreadful prospect? I look into his eyes They are blankto see, only what I am A thief

But as I stare into his eyes, I see a flash of so old

And suddenly I know This humiliation is not punishment because I came into his bedroom and stole his tiepin It is because of what happened when I was thirteen years old, when I tripped over a tree root and fell down My skirt flew up and my panties showed I can remember them even nohite cotton with red polka dots All the other kids and BJ saw the them I wanted to jump up, but I was too winded to move Utterly huround, an object of ridicule